_ Gas Nitriding

This application is a thermochemical process, in which the workpieces to be treated are heated and are subjected to a gas containing nitrogen or a mixture of carbon-spending gas and ammonia within this heating period and also during the treatment.

Due to this nitrogen or carbon treatment, the material properties of the workpieces are specifically optimized with regard to their strength, wear behavior and corrosion behavior, which opens up a wide range of industrial uses of materials treated in this way.

Since these thermal processes carried out at temperatures below 600°C, any formation of martensite as a result of the conversion of the material structure by tempering, and subsequent quenching and associated changes in form and size can be largely avoided. Therefore, the workpieces to be subjected to gas nitriding can be already completely machined. However, a slight increase in volume must be expected occasionally, whereby tests in advance are advisable.


Industrial Furnace Types used

Retort Furnace
Shaft Furnace