_Tempering Furnace

Tempering describes a heat treatment process in which the respective material is heated following the hardening, so that the structure or properties can be specifically affected in order to in turn create the optimal preconditions for further processing. Therefore, if the material is heated in a tempering furnace, stresses that occur within the material structure during hardening or quenching and can indeed lead to rejection of the material, are counteracted consistently.

The tempering furnace is therefore important apparatus in thermoprocessing equipment, in order to prevent the brittleness of a workpiece after hardening and to ensure optimal material properties.

The tempering process is primarily used for steel, lightweight metals such as aluminum, non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, bronze, brass and for alloys. Tempering furnaces are also used in the glass industry to specifically influence the material properties.

Industry solutions of this type of industrial furnace

Hardening – quenching and tempering