_Rotary Hearth Furnace

This furnace for continuous heat treatment is used above-all for workpieces manufactured in mass production. As its name says, the hearth of the rotary hearth furnace is ring or plate-shaped. This type of furnace is thus suitable above all for workpieces with small dimensions, but which are to be subjected to heat treatment in mass quantities. Since other types of furnace often tend to be unsuitable for the thermal processing of relatively small workpieces. Furthermore, the rotary hearth furnace is very welcome when space in the production facility is also at a premium.

The rotary hearth furnace is a heat treatment furnace, which primarily hardens and tempers steel as a result of the heat treatment. This heat treatment of the steel results from the interaction of quench hardening and tempering. This method of heat treatment is intended to achieve an optimal material structure, which is characterized by high strength and a resistance to fractures or cracks. The heated steel is then hardened by sudden cooling, so-called quenching.

Industry solutions of these types of industrial furnace

Hardening – quenching and tempering