_Continuous Furnace

A continuous furnace is used for continuous heat treatment processes, such as hardening-quenching & tempering, sintering, and baking electronic elements as well as the tempering, and curing of plastics, as well as for soldering, brazing and leveling solder (the material for a solder joint).

The workpieces to be heated are moved in the continuous furnace and are subjected to a certain temperature. Special covers at the inlet and outlet enable an extremely efficient process, as heat can hardly escape and thus energy is saved.

The individual passes occur automatically after the workpieces have passed through the furnace entrance
If the so-called tempering process, which describes the heating over a longer period, is completed, the workpieces are removed at the transport belt discharge. If such a furnace type is operated with an inward truck the batching (loading and unloading) can be facilitated enormously. Diverse types of continuous conveyors are available: chain transport, wire mesh, plastic belts, crossbar type.

Industry solutions of this type of industrial furnace

Age Hardening
Heat Treatment
Preheating – Soldering
Preheating – Drying