_Hearth Bogie-type Furnace

Such a furnace type is used in a wide area of industrial heat treatment. In small, medium and in large industry. A heath bogie-type furnace is suitable for annealing iron and steel; the tempering and aging of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, bronze, brass, and the tempering and curing of plastics. Further, this type of furnace is also used in the production of glass where they are also used for tempering, melting, and bending. Furthermore, they are used for baking and sintering ceramic.

Due to its advantageous design, in which the furnace floor (hearth) can be moved out of the furnace, the hearth bogie-type furnace is accessible from all sides, which facilitates charging enormously. Lengthy downtimes are thus prevented, and the resulting residual heat can in turn be used for the next procedure.

Further, hearth bogie-type furnaces are designed for all kinds of different temperature ranges and can thus be used for diverse purposes. They can be run on oil or gas.

Industry solutions of this type of industrial furnace

Age Hardening
Aging Solution Annealing
Ceramic Firing