_Multi-Purpose Chamber Furnace

This type of furnace is an indirectly heated gas-tight furnace, which enables heat treatment of the workpieces by processes such as annealing, carbon nitriding, carburization, case hardening or even bright hardening.

Such a multi-purpose chamber furnace has a cooling and a hardening chamber. After the material to be treated has entered the furnace, in a charging basket or via a roller conveyor, it is placed in the next roller conveyor in the cooling chamber. The external door is closed, and the cooling chamber, is filled with inert gas, this in turn opens the refractory lock door which is positioned between the cooling chamber and the furnace chamber and the workpieces are again carried on a roller conveyor into the furnace where they are heated by steel pipes or heating resistors.

A circulator circulates the gas atmosphere. After the heating and diffusion cycles have been completed the refractory lock door is opened and the workpieces are pulled via a roller conveyor directly into the cooling chamber on a lift and lowering platform. This platform immerses the workpieces in the hardening medium (also called cooling medium) and thus carries out the hardening.

In the bottom part of the cooling chamber there is a quencher, in which the isolated workpieces are hardened. The uniform temperature of the hardening liquid is achieved by a circulating pump. The cooling chamber can also be equipped with a circulator so that the carburized elements are cooled without hardening. After the hardening the workpieces are carried by a roller conveyor to the outside on the loading roller conveyor.

It is extremely practical to equip the cooling chamber with two chambers, since this can ensure energy and time-saving operation of the furnace, in that while one load of workpieces cools the next is already being conveyed into the furnace for heat treatment.

The multi-purpose furnace is therefore an enormously efficient design, which is ideally suitable for carrying out complex thermal processes. Such a furnace can be equipped with diverse technological elements such as a roller table for charge preparation, a manipulator car, washing machine, preheating furnace, tempering furnace, freezer device.

A multi-purpose chamber furnace can be electrically, or gas heated and manual or fully automatic and is suitable for the heat treatment of mass produced items made of steel (parts, machine elements, etc.) as well as consecutive charges or loads, however in different gases (e.g. bright annealing, normalizing, case hardening, nitrocarburizing).