_Gravity Bending Furnace

Gravity bending is a glass bending process using thermal processes which, among other things, is used in the vehicle industry to produce laminated glass, which by joining two glass sheets laminated by a plastic film as an interlayer.

In this process the glass sheet is carried onto the bending die or bending mold and is subjected to heat treatment in a gravity bending furnace. Due to the change in viscosity, the action of gravity and its self-weight the glass sheet quite literally falls into the bending mold and the shape or geometry is achieved as required.

In press bending, which is a horizontal process, the glass sheets are carried through the interior of the gravity bending furnace on roller conveyors and are heating to the bending temperature. They acquire their required shape or geometry with the help of a die consisting of a male or patrix (positive) die and a female or matrix (negative) die. This process represents the latest state-of-the-art in glass bending and due to the extremely low bending tolerances enables any required glass sheet shape to be achieved precisely.

In another variant of glass bending the sheets are suspended vertically by several tongs on one edge and pass through the heating equipment in this way. Following this thermal procedure, the glass sheets are formed into the required shape similar to the press bending process.

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Gravity Bending