_Heat Soak Test

This method is a hot storage test that is used for toughened safety glass (ESG), which is used, for example, for glazing in sports halls, tennis courts, gymnasiums and swimming pools, as these have to be ball-proof.

In a so-called heat-soak oven, the toughened glass is subjected to a thermal load over a longer period of time and then suddenly cooled. As a result an even distribution of stress is achieved within the material. This changes the fracture behaviour as well as the bending capacity so that it breaks into blunt, loosely connected crumbs and the risk of injury due to breakage in everyday life is significantly reduced.

Glass tested in a heat soak furnace is referred to as toughened safety glass (ESG-H). By heat-treating the glass, optimum material properties are achieved which, in contrast to the original product, significantly increases safety. As a result, ESG-H is more flexible, impact-resistant and temperature-resistant than non-tempered glass and is used in the machine industry, in vehicle construction and in any area with high thermal loads.

Industrial furnace types used

Heat Soak Test Furnace